EPHC passes state survey

Spring has brought some change and growth to Eastern Plumas Health Care, as discussed at the regular meeting of the board of directors April 4.

EPHC Board Chair Jay Skutt resigned from the board due to a move out of the area. With Bill Copren having retired in February, the board has reverted to a five-member format with Paul Swanson filling in the vacancy left by Skutt.

Chief Nursing Officer Sharon DiNicholas reported that EPHC had recently completed a follow-up to a June 2018 CDPH State/Federal survey, which occurs every three years, and state surveyors on site found zero deficiencies. Surveyors were complimentary of the board of directors and the executive team’s oversight.

New faces are a part of the medical team at EPHC, with Jennifer Vimbor stepping in as the new full-time dietician. Vimbor is currently accepting patients, and previously served as senior registered dietician-nutritionist for the Biggest Loser Resort.


Clinic Director Rhonda Grandi reported on progress in moving toward re-implementing a live customer service operator at all clinics.

In the auxiliary department, 460 volunteer hours were reported at the Nifty Thrifty, and 8.4 hours were logged in the lobby at the hospital over the month of February. The EPHC Auxiliary also made a $116,000 donation to EPHC for new hospital equipment.

In finance, CFO Katherine Pairish reported that EPHC had posted a net profit in February of $82,000. This was due primarily to the receipt of the $116,000 donation from the auxiliary, as well as a reduction in contractual adjustments.

Pairish is also preparing to establish the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget and anticipates the arrival of JWT and Associates on site to conduct fieldwork to aid in forecasting revenues during the month of April.

CEO Todd Plimpton closed the meeting, thanking all employees for their hard work internally at EPHC and looking toward the future with a focus on the public’s needs.