Exciting finish at the club’s weekly crib tourney

At our Saturday, Aug. 3, cribbage tournament we had 11 players with one of our regular visitors from the Reno Grassroots Cribbage Club, Ron Morgan, and one guest, Ed Harrison.

It was kind of a family affair last week with first place going to Susan Terry from Graeagle with a solid 13/6 score posted to her card and second place going to Clyde Terry (Susan’s mother) with an 11/5 score and 37 net spread points which gave her the edge over Darlene Pekovich from Graeagle, who also posted an 11/5 card, but with only 34 net spread points — basically a photo finish between second and third!

What’s more interesting is that there were two other 11/5 cards posted, one by Keith Nelson from Crescent Mills (a +18 spread) and the other by Janet Miller from Cromberg. She ended up with a zero for her spread points. That’s right, Janet had a total of plus-71 points on her games won and a total of minus-71 on the games she lost for a net 0!

There were only two 4-of-a-kind hands held by Darlene and Dave Boynton. The two decided not to cut for the win— instead they agreed to go out to lunch together and apply the winnings to their bill.


There were three 24-hands dealt, one to Ron Morgan, one to Darlene (she had a good day overall) and Susan who got the last one to claim the money in the 24-Hand Pot.

I want to give special thanks to Darlene, Keith Nelson and Frank Davis for standing in for me as our club’s director while I was at home nursing the flu. Keith told me it took three of them to run the tournament that I do by myself … truth is, the club members and visitors help me out each week and that sure makes my job a whole lot easier!

The Graeagle Peggers Grassroots Cribbage Club meets at Gumba’s Pizza in Blairsden every Saturday for a nine-game tournament. Check-in is at 10:45 a.m. and play begins at 11 a.m. The club is in its summer session so these tourneys are not sanctioned by the American Cribbage Congress. But, it is a great time to join the group and learn more about the great game of cribbage.

For more information or questions, contact me, Doug Rodrigues, the club’s director at 836-4254. Players of all skill levels are welcome!