Fall fishing on Almanor and Davis

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Special for Plumas News

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Lake Almanor


Thanks to Almanor Fishing Association and specifically John Crotty for providing these current details Oct. 4.

“We are experiencing another week of above average temps; water temp continues to hold in the mid 60s, rising to the 70 degree mark in the afternoon,” said Crotty. “Lake level continues to drop, approaching levels not seen in a few years. Clarity varies throughout the lake dropping to 5-7 feet on the west side of the peninsula.” Precipitation is expected this coming weekend along with a 20-degree drop in temps. The Almanor area is still experiencing smoky haze at times, “I was able to see Mt. Lassen for the first time in weeks today,” said Crotty.

Fish remain scattered throughout the lake and continue to feed on pond smelt. Often finding fish is as easy as finding diving sea gulls. “Don’t pay attention to the grebes just the gulls as they are diving on floating pond smelt that have been attacked by fish,” advised Crotty. “Find the bait and you will find fish, catching them might be more difficult.” Pond smelt imitations continue to be the bait of choice.

“I caught fish on the east Shore this past week early in the morning and moved over to the west side of the peninsula when that bite died,” said Crotty. “Slow trolling gulps was our bait of choice.”


“Ham Branch is the top choice for bank fishermen, that said, I have a friend who caught a few fish this past week at Geritol Cove on power bait and Mouse Tails,” said Crotty. “Chartreuse and Rainbow were the colors of choice.” Bass fishermen are picking up a few smallies off the rocky points on plastics and fly fishermen are far and few in between.

Road construction continues on highway 36 over Fredoyner with up to 30-minute delays to be expected. Canyon Dam remains the only useable public ramp. Please call ahead if you intend to camp as not all campgrounds are open.

The Almanor Fishing Association received fish food for the 2020-21 pen season. Fish will arrive sometime around the end of October at which time Almanor Fishing Association volunteers will begin feeding fish daily through the winter. Past volunteer feeders should have received an email from fish pen coordinator, Brett Hurff. Any interested persons who would like to lend a hand to assist in the program can reach coordinators via email to [email protected] or by calling 284-0861.

Lake Davis


Thanks to Jim and Jeanne Graham at J&J Grizzly Story and Camping Resort for sending in the following details Oct. 4.

The lake is 65 percent full. Water surface temperature is ranging from 62 to 64 degrees depending on time of day and location on the lake.

Boat Ramps at Honker Cove and Old Camp 5 are open with docks in. Old Camp 5 is getting shallow and the dock is scheduled to be pulled the middle of this month. Honker Cove dock is scheduled to be pulled at the end of the month. Lightening Tree dock is high and dry.

“We are seeing a lot of weeds on the lake, they are starting to break up though,” said Jim Graham.

The trout fall bite is starting. The first weekend of October trollers were doing the best, most catching limits. Several brouwns have been caught using Wee Dick Nite Copper Red Head; Flame/Copper Baby Simon; Wooly Bugger; and Needlefish Frog at depths ranging from 6-18 feet.


“Shore fishing has been on the slow side,” said Jim. “Most are using PowerBait or nightcrawlers. Fly fishermen need to be in a float tube or kayak, etc. to get out beyond the weeds. The west side off of Jenkins is doing well using Blood Midge and Wooly Buggers.

Planning for the 2021 derbies has begun. Tentative dates are Feb. 13 for the Ice Derby and Father’s Day Weekend Derby June 19.

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