Greg Perkins, center, celebrates 40 years with Plumas District Hospital this week. Shown with him are Chief Executive Officer JoDee Read, and Chief Operations Officer Darren Beatty. Photo submitted

Familiar face marks 40 years at PDH

No doubt, anyone who has ventured to Plumas District Hospital during the last four decades and discovered that they needed an X-ray, has probably met Greg Perkins.

Perkins, the Imaging Department Manager, celebrated his 40th anniversary with Plumas District Hospital on Tuesday, March 16.

Some current and former hospital employees took a moment to share their thoughts about their coworker and friend. It’s clear from their sentiments that he is not only respected for his work, but for his devotion to his patients and his staff. A portion of their remarks are shared below.

Over the years, I worked at PDH starting in 1993, I have seen many new administrators pass through these halls. Greg always had your back with support and kindness. He treated people with respect and courtesy and would go far beyond what anybody expected. He would pick a patient up if they had problems getting to their appointment, or take a patient home after being seen in the ER. Sharon Carter, Ultrasonographer


 Thank you for 40 years of dedicated service to PDH. Your leadership has made the radiology department one of the best in Northern California. Everyone loves working for you. Bubba, PDH paramedic & Shirley, PDH lab tech

 Greg was the best boss I ever worked for. He set such high standards in me and made me reach higher goals than I thought I could. He never asked me to do something he wasn’t willing to do himself. When he called the president of GE to get four screws for the bucky and they were here the next day, that should show you what kind of guy you are looking at. He always said go to the top, and that is who he is. Cheryl Downing, Ultrasonographer

 The love and care Greg has put toward his time on and off the clock cannot be measured. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of Greg’s team; he is a perfect example of a dedicated leader. I haven’t worked for Greg since 2008, but to this day, he still inspires me to be a better person in life, and I make a point to visit him every time I come home because of how wonderful this man is. Lisa Chapman, Radiologic Assistant

 When I was assigned to work at Plumas District Hospital, Greg and his excellent imaging staff made me feel like part of their family. He was always very nice to me. He gave me a pen with a laser pointer and a flashlight. When the flashlight stopped working, and I asked him about it, he gave me three more! Dr. Richard Livesay, Radiologist


 Here I am, a new technologist to a small community rural hospital, three hours and three days of a shift away from home. I have never been more cared for on a personal and professional level. I’ll never forget the day we had a “blizzard” in Quincy. I was due to get off work, and looking out the double glass door to the parking lot was Greg, in the thick of the storm, clearing the snow from my vehicle, warming it up and locking the hubs for my journey home. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Greg Perkins. Donna Fookes, Ultrasonographer

 Best supervisor I’ve ever not worked for but observed his success over the 35-plus years that I’ve known him. The ONLY PDHer that I’ve never heard one single negative comment about. One of the most genuine and generous people I know. Julie Cassou, RN

 One of the biggest lessons I learned working for Greg was his example of how to treat people, coworkers and patients alike. People matter to Greg Perkins whether you are his patient or his employee. I owe a debt of gratitude to Greg Perkins, the best boss ever. Missy Kroeker, Radiologic Assistant/Ultrasonographer

 Greg is hands down the best boss I’ve worked with (and I’ve had a lot of bosses!) He is a man of integrity, compassion and loyalty. He supports his team with respect and trust. That support goes beyond just being a boss! Sheila Sharp, Ultrasonographer