Farm Crawl this weekend

Gardening enthusiasts and those interested in discovering new ways to grow are invited to two days of the Plumas Grown Farm Crawl on Saturday, Aug. 3, and Sunday, Aug. 4. The first day features gardens along Highway 89 from the Greenville Wye off Highway 70 and into Greenville. Featured are Ours Farm at the Dawn Community Center, The Garden at Hillside Homestead (the turnoff is right off the Dawn Institute and on up the narrow road), Shoofly Farm on Indian Falls Road and the Greenville High School Garden on Grand Street in Greenville.
On day two of the Farm Crawl, participants are invited to gardens in and around the Quincy and Meadow Valley areas. Off Bucks Lake Road are Snowski Gardens and FullHat Farm on Silver Creek Road in Meadow Valley. In East Quincy on 4th Street is Myrna’s Place. On Highway 70 heading west toward the edge of Quincy is the Funky Beet. On down the highway are Follow Your Heart Farm and Feather River College’s Eco Farming Program. Just following the accompanying maps to your chosen destinations. Although it costs nothing to participate, contributions are welcome.