Feather Publishing adjusts to COVID-19

We at Feather Publishing are grappling just as other businesses are with how to continue to serve the public best during the COVID-19 outbreak. Providing the news is considered an essential service especially during this unparalleled time.

While this newspaper is a weekly, we are posting multiple times daily to our website, plumasnews.com, as we receive new information that needs to be shared. As this is a matter of health and safety, all articles on COVID-19 are in front of the paywall. All of the articles are located conveniently on our homepage by clicking on the large graphic at the top; while the latest breaking news scrolls beneath.

As of now, we have closed our Portola and Chester offices to the public, but our news and advertising staffs will continue to gather the news and develop ads for our customers who are continuing to operate. We ask that customers call the Quincy office at 283-0800 for their classified and subscription needs. They can also reach the news department at the same number, and calls will be directed to the local reporters.

Our Quincy and Susanville offices will remain open to the public from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Quincy can be reached at 283-0800 and Susanville at 257-5321.