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Feather River College closes dorms; all classes online

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna announced some final decisions March 26 pertaining to the remainder of the school year.

— All classes are to be online through the end of the semester; no on-campus instruction.

— The graduation date, which had been May 22, is postponed. Trutna said that many alternatives are being considered, including holding it in December or combining it with next year’s ceremony.

— The college dorms are closing except for the roughly 12 people who cannot move out at this time. This includes students who don’t have a way home until the end of the semester as well as student workers. Some assistant coaches, who live in the dorms as resident assistants, will also remain on site. Security will patrol the dorms.

Even though the food service has been shuttered, dorm rooms have their own kitchens and Trutna said that there are programs to ensure that the students have food.

A program also is being developed to establish twice-a-week communication with all students to help them cope with anxiety and provide mental health support.

“I know that we are all going through this situation together,” Trutna said in a letter to staff. “We have our work to complete as everyone at FRC is dedicated to helping students. We also have our home life with family and friends that need support.”

He continued, “FRC is a strong institution because of its people, and I know that with your expertise and commitment, we will be able to keep the mission going strong.”



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