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Feather River College receives $294,725 TRiO Grant

Feather River College announced that it received another five-year TRiO grant to serve first-generation, low-income students.

Billy Ogle, director of TRiO Student Support Services, spearheaded the grant’s renewal process shortly after assuming the director position. “We are thrilled to have the FRC TRiO Student Support Services grant renewed for a new five-year cycle,” he said.

The TRiO SSS program strives to increase the success of students who are low-
income, first-generation college students, and/or have a disability. The goals are
to keep students in college as well as increase the number that earn an associate
degree (or certificate) and transfer to a four-year college.

To assist students in meeting these goals, the program offers free tutoring, academic advising, priority registration, FAFSA assistance, financial literacy workshops, transfer workshops and trips, student success workshops, cultural events and scholarships.

For 2020, 28 students received TRiO Grant Awards totaling $52,000. The renewal of this grant ensures that Feather River College will be able to support five more generations of students throughout their educational journey.

In addition to the Student Support Services TRiO Grant that serves college students,
FRC hosts the Education Talent Search serving approximately 500 sixth- through 12th-grade students in Plumas County and the surrounding area (Loyalton,
Westwood); and Upward Bound, serving roughly 90 ninth- through 12th-grade students. Both programs ultimately help students prepare for post-secondary education.

Feather River College is fortunate to host all three of these competitive grants. Together they provide a great service to students in the community while helping them pursue and
accomplish their educational goals.

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