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Feather River College returns to in-person instruction for Fall 2021; Day of the Mountains on Monday

Local students will have the chance to explore what Feather River College has to offer and what is has planned for this fall during the Day of the Mountains event on Monday, April 26.

As many colleges and institutions are still in the planning stages for fall 2021, Feather River College (FRC) has committed to returning to primarily in-person instruction for the upcoming semester. The driving factor behind this decision spurred from the safety measures that were put in place during the 2020/2021 academic school year and the positive results they yielded. These measures and results provided the confidence needed to make the decision to return to a state of “normalcy” on campus, and FRC is excited for its students to begin their arrival back into a more regular educational routine.

Feather River College prides itself on the hands-on learning experience that students have come to expect. This is thanks to the many outdoor programs and unique learning environments that are featured in FRC’s million-acre classroom. When speaking with the VP of Instruction, Derek Lerch, about the decision, he had this to say, “The College looks forward to the fall 2021 semester as we expect to provide instruction that is more similar to what was available before the pandemic. Our personal approach to students drives us as an institution and we are excited to connect with students as we work with them to help them reach their goals.”

Putting student success first has always been the goal for Feather River College, and now, leadership at Quincy’s local institution is eager for students to return in fall. Dr. Kevin Trutna, Superintendent/President of FRC, spoke enthusiastically about students making their return and the benefits it offers them in their educational journeys. “In-person instruction allows students to benefit from the strength of FRC in small- class instruction and personal attention. While the million-acre classroom can be appreciated virtually, it can only be experienced in person”, says Dr. Trutna.

Speaking of experiencing the unique campus in person, FRC is hosting the Day in the Mountains prospective student event on Monday, April 26. This is the perfect opportunity for local students and families to explore everything FRC has to offer, including new ways to eliminate tuition and associated costs. This year’s annual event requires students to register for a morning or afternoon session, and details on registration can be found here.

When speaking with a first-year student at FRC about returning to in-person instruction for fall, they had this to say, “I am just looking forward to things getting back to normal around here”. This is a sentiment echoed around campus by faculty, staff, and students as FRC heads into the summer break. Feather River College believes this is also a feeling that most people have as we begin our return to pre-pandemic life around the county. More so, FRC is ready to lead that charge by implementing thoughtful, preventative, and educated guidelines revolving around the safe return of students to campus for fall 2021 and beyond.

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