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A cow gives a rider a good ride as a safety runner tries to direct the path while staying safely out of the way himself. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

Feather River College rodeo is on the way

Fall Rodeo is coming soon for the team of athletes warming up at Feather River College. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27-28, the wranglers from Quincy will travel to Lassen College to compete in Rodeos #1 and #2 in Susanville.

The two-day event will be the perfect warmup for the FRC team members as they aim their sights toward their own rodeo at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 17-18.

“We are looking forward to a good season with 60 kids on the team,” said FRC head rodeo coach Riley York. “We have two assistants this year, Sterling Humphrey and Bailey Bidwell.”

Spectators, for the most part, stepped up to compete in front of the crowd at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair during the Ranch Rodeo entertainment portion of the fair in the arena. Fortunately, there were plenty of experienced cowboys and girls on hand to keep the event safe, as could be expected.

Saddle Cow was a very popular event that generated a good deal of excitement in the arena and in the stands. For entertainment, Ranch cows were mounted with quick release saddles that came undone as riders were tossed from their mounts.  And in most cases, that is the way it went, the cows tossed their riders. Perhaps one or maybe two riders actually had a choice and made an attempt to dismount. But even the calculated separation of rider from bovine resulted in a body on the ground and a cow bucking over.

Incredibly, hoofs just inches from heads and other body parts, did not appear to collide, although the riders may clear that up later. A good many bruises probably showed up the following few days.

Feather River College Rodeo

9/27 FRC at Lassen #1

9/28 FRC at Lassen #2

10/17 FRC hosts Rodeo #1

10/18 FRC hosts Rodeo #2

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