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FEMA and CalOES set up shop in Greenville last week to make it easier for residents to register for assistance. The deadline is Nov. 8. Photo by Ken Donnell

FEMA-CalOES visits Greenville; Deadline to register is Nov. 8

By Ken Donnell

Contributor to Plumas News

FEMA and CalOES brought their big rigs to Greenville this past Saturday, Oct. 30, for a pop-up disaster assistance event in the parking lot of the Evergreen Market.  The primary purpose was to help local residents impacted by the Dixie Fire register with FEMA before the rapidly approaching Nov. 8, 2021 deadline. 

Besides assisting with FEMA registration, the crew from FEMA and CalOES also provided information about post-fire recovery, fire safe reconstruction, and information about the increased risks of flooding in fire scarred areas.  Officials present reported that over 20 local residents were assisted with FEMA registration on Saturday.  Online registration is available at:



Telephone help with online registration is available at 800-745-0243.

Plus, direct telephone assistance with FEMA registration is at 800-621-3362. 

Officials also want to help fire impacted residents understand the sometimes overlapping jurisdictions between FEMA and CalOES.  In the past, wildfire disaster recovery was managed strictly by FEMA, but a new co-operative effort between FEMA and the state of California has seen FEMA hand over many local tasks to CalOES.  This represents a big improvement as many important decisions about recovery previously made by distant persons in Washington DC, are now being made by CalOES officials in Sacramento, working with FEMA officials in Washington.  

Many of the details of this new cooperation between FEMA and CalOES are still being worked out, but it is important for locals dealing with wildfire recovery to understand that FEMA and CalOES are working together as partner organizations. FEMA is the umbrella organization, but many of the day-to-day details of recovery will be managed by CalOES.

Once again, the important deadline to register with FEMA for recovery assistance from the Dixie Fire is Nov. 8, 2021.  The phone number for direct assistance with registration is 800-621-3362.

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