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Local Firewise volunteer and community member, Greg Kinne, discusses the importance of home hardening and defensible space. Photo submitted

Fire Safe Council offers no-cost consultations on creating a more fire-prepared property

Submitted by Liam Galleher

Plumas County Fire Safe Council

Mountain living in the 21st century is as complex as it is rewarding; along with the luxuries that come with quiet moments among our beloved sugar pines, Plumas residents must also address living within the 95th percentile of wildfire likelihood in California. The Plumas County Fire Safe Council is a resource for active, on-the-ground pre-wildfire activities: hazardous fuel reduction, senior/disabled defensible space assistance, chipping, and now no-cost property consultations on home hardening, defensible space, and wildfire preparedness.

Home visits are conducted by trained Fire Safe Council staff and volunteer Plumas County residents. These consultations are considered “Peer-to-Peer” to provide friendly recommendations and open, fire-safe communication between Plumas residents. It is not an “inspection” or an “assessment.” After a home visit, residents will have private access to an online, interactive report tailored to their property, offering educational and actionable resources based on the observed fire hazards. Residents receive a comprehensive “checklist” of potential improvements they can utilize to reduce the risk on their own property, or as a reference when seeking outside mitigation assistance. The report also includes a map of the observed hazards, supporting pictures, available Fire Safe Council assistance, evacuation resources, contractors for hire, and more.

The Fire Safe Council does not require action from landowners after a home visit. The intent of this program is to bring awareness to any potential risks on one’s property and offer resources accordingly; landowners will never be penalized for any hazards observed.

You can learn more, or sign up for a home visit, at plumasfiresafe.org/home-visits

Even more extraordinary than the glistening lakes and rivers of Plumas County are the passionate communities who have made their home here in the Wildland Urban Interface. The past two fire seasons have highlighted the importance of taking the steps that we can to protect those communities. We look forward to assisting you in making your home, neighborhood, and our communities more fire-prepared. Thank you, Plumas!

Below is an excerpt from a report as well ask example of actions that could be taken:

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