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Art is being readied for the Main Street Artists reception this Friday, April 1. The works of three artists will be featured. Photo submitted

First Friday fun at Main Street Artists Gallery


First Friday fun and fabulous art is ready to roll at Main Street Artists Gallery on Friday, April 1, with a wine and appetizer gala reception from 5 – 7 p.m. The Gallery is proud to present the works of three artists: Betty Bishop, John Sheehan, and newest member, Barbara Walker McCabe.

Photographer Betty Bishop is self-taught and shot film for 15 years, and has been shooting digital for seven years.  She is well known in the area for her photography and can be found enjoying the outdoors with kayak and dog.  As she explores the local area and beyond, she captures images rich with texture, and unique perspectives.

Betty said that photography, for her, is not all about shooting the picture, it’s about seeing the picture.  She says her photographs depend 50 percent on the photographer and 50 percent on the viewer.  For her, reflections of a pier post on water or an ordinary door knob becomes a composition of light and color, pattern and aging.  It can cause a visceral response or tease out a memory or a tale.  In the end, she hopes it can give you a different way of looking at the world.  This is why she shoots.

Betty Bishop, with her lens, invites all to see things that might be missed otherwise.  She encourages others to view the world through a lens, or as she says in her trademark direct honesty, “If it interests you take the damn picture!”

Artist John Sheehan, presents a collection of work that will take you through a year of woodland glory born of his love for Plumas County.  His paintings and drawings utilize a full range of mediums to express the abundance of beauty and diversity in the local woods.

Here you will find delights, hidden treasures, and the passing of seasons.  Grand sugar pines and humble pinebuds share the gallery walls with brilliant snow plants waiting in patches of light while conks hide on the shady side of a tree.  John will take you on this painting excursion and your shoes will never get dirty.

People familiar with John will tell of humor, serendipity, and the quiet enjoyment of nature found in his work. This is an opportunity to see many new pieces on a subject close to our hearts.

The gallery welcomes Barbara Walker McCabe, its newest member, a fine art photographer and recent graduate of Academy of Art in San Francisco. Gain a tantalizing glimpse into her world this month with six pieces in the Tiny Room which will offer new perspectives on landscape photography.

Barbara focuses on self-portraiture in natural landscapes with emphasis on alternative processes, large format and film, and landscape photography.  Her landscape photos are ethereal and evocative; they speak in whispers. The human element brings the viewer into the frame of nature, and as Barbara says, “Such that we are merging with and emerging from the landscape.”  She hopes her images will bring awareness and appreciation of the land to promote conservation and preservation efforts.  Barbara recently moved from Truckee to Clio in in a desire to be closer to the Lost Sierras which she feels heals and nurtures all.

Thus Main Street Artists Gallery invites you to experience this show through April, Wednesday-Saturday.  But the Gallery Members want to party with you at on April 1, Friday, 5 – 7 pm, Main Street Artists Gallery, 436 Main Street Quincy CA 95971  (530) 283-1909  Website http://mainstreetartists.net/

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