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First Greenville Country Picnic deemed a success


Sunday was a definitely a spring day at the Greenville Park — the weather alternated between brilliant sunshine, blustery winds, and falling snow — sometimes with all three at once.  But those who attended had great food, enjoyed live music, and renewed friendships at the first 2022 “Greenville Country Picnic.”

Sponsored by the Spiritual and Emotional Wellness Committee of the Dixie Fire Collaborative, MusicLand, and Sacred Waters of Greenville, this first Greenville Country Picnic marked an important moment where many displaced by the Dixie Fire found a time to gather, dance, and celebrate.  Live music by Rickety Bridge, and food prepared by Mary Schero helped to make the day even more special, no matter how hard the cold, wet winds blew.  

Five more Greenville Country picnics are scheduled to follow throughout the 2022 season …  on the second Sunday of every month through October, from 4 p.m. to dark. Each picnic will feature free food, live music, ice cream, and great family fun.  There is no charge for admission, and all ages are welcome.  If possible everyone is encouraged to bring a potluck salad or dessert to share, but this is not required for entry.

Event co-organizer, Ken Kd Donnell, summed up the day saying, “This first Greenville Country was an event created by many people who believe that Greenville was, and will be, a wonderful place to live, to work, and to celebrate. We look forward to our next Picnic on June 12, and encourage everyone from anywhere to come join us celebrate the fact that Greenville lives!”

A couple take a whirl around the dance floor at the first Greenville Country Picnic. Photo submitted
Mary Schero’s son Colin oversees the barbecue on Saturday, May 7. Photo submitted
Mary Schero provides food for the Greenville Country Picnic on May 7. Photo submitted

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