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Fish are in great shape and fighting hard

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Sports Writer [email protected]


Lake Almanor

Lake level currently sits at 4476.04, down approximately 8/10ths since last week.  Water temps dropped into the high 50s and clarity on the East Shore is 10-plus feet and less than four feet in the shallow water on the West side of the lake. There are more algae visible in the water in the flats between the Peninsula/Prattville North.

The forecast is for a cooling trend over the next few days accompanied by high winds. Overnight temps are in the teens and daytime highs are in the high 40s/low 50s with 20-plus mph gusts making fishing conditions uncomfortable at best. Temps will warm up later in the week with next weekend looking like great fall weather. No significant rain has graced Alamnor yet this fall and there is nothing forecast for the next seven days.

“Fishing was inconsistent this past week good one day ok the next, the fish are in great shape and hard fighting as they continue to gorge on pond smelt,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “Arctic Fox trolling flies (white), hardware, crawlers and gulps all caught fish. Fish remain scattered throughout the water column, we caught the majority of Almanor fish are in the top ten feet of water, the grade of fish was better deeper.”

John fished in water between 18 and 35’ deep from the peninsula north; there was a significant increase in boat traffic in that area as well. “Our bite didn’t get going until the sun got on the water,” said Crotty.  “I used an 80’ set back and staggered depths until we saw a pattern.”  Hamilton Branch remains the best shot at catching a quality fish from shore.

It’s that time of year in the mountains, docks are being removed, RV parks and campgrounds are closing and seasonal businesses are/will be shutting down soon. Travel into and out of Plumas County remains challenging as hazardous tree removal along incoming highways is ongoing.

Bucks Lake

How’s the fishing up at Bucks, you may wonder? “They are catching the bigger ones because it’s cold. But bring your own boat because the rentals are taken for the rest of the season,” said Rebecca Guereque at Bucks Lake Lodge. The trout are biting and the hunting is good too, according to Guereque.


Frenchman Lake

“It’s been pretty good lately,” said a staff member at Goodwin’s General Store where they sell fishing supplies including bait.


Lake Davis

“It’s actually getting pretty good,” said Jim Graham up at J&J Grizzly Store. The gate at Honker is open, bank boat and fly. Bank worms and power bait and marshmallow. Fly orange wiggle tails and from the boat Baby Symon is working and all these bait supplies are available at J&J Grizzly Store where you can pick up a little insider info while shopping. There was a dusting of snow overnight, but it didn’t stick. There are no docks in the water, all have been pulled for the season, but you can still get a boat in the water at Honker. “It’s a little shallow,” said Jim, “but you can still launch and catch fish.”

Jim said the lake level is at 48 percent. “I have seen it down to 42 percent, but it’s still fishable,” said Jim, “and the fish are getting better because it’s cooling off.”


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