Fish Bits: Boat traffic ramping up on Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth
Lake Almanor
Spring has arrived at Lake Almanor. The swallows and osprey have returned, insects are hatching, temps are reaching 60 degrees and afternoon winds have arrived. Winds are predicted to gust into the 20s over the next few days which will make for uncomfortable fishing conditions.
Snow at lake level is melting fast and folks in the area will soon see the seasonal creeks depositing runoff into the lake. Water level currently sits at 4,481 approximately two feet lower than last year. Clarity remains unchanged and water temps are creeping up into the low 40s.
“There was lots of boat traffic on Almanor yesterday while the majority of the boats were targeting trout there were a few bass boats on the water as well,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “The bite was slow yesterday, as the fish waited for the sun to come up and bugs to hatch before waking up.”
Boats are fast, medium and slow trolling all with similar success. Rapallas, hardware, flies, crawlers and gulps will all catch fish. The bite remains “OK” as the grade of fish is exceptional. Fish are scattered throughout the lake, “… be patient and stay on them when you find biters,” said Crotty. The bass bite should only improve as water temps rise quickly over the next week.
Bank fishermen are targeting fish at Hamilton Branch, both sides of the causeway and the coves around Canyon Dam with Hamilton Branch remains the best shot at catching mature fish. Canyon Dam remains the only open public boat ramp and it will be crowded on weekends.