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Fish Bits for the week of 10/30/19

Katie Walker Boeck holds her 3.5-lb. rainbow while her dad, Jerry Walker, captures the father/daughter moment. Photo by Jerry Walker

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association (AFA) checked in with the following details on our Plumas County jewel in the north, Lake Almanor. The AFA does a tremendous amount of volunteer work to enhance the fishing experience and health of the lake throughout the year.

After enjoying another week of spectacular fall weather our water temps are stuck in the mid-50s. Morning temps have been in the high 30s with daytime highs reaching 70. Our unseasonably warm weather appears to be coming to an end with next week’s lows reaching into to the teens and daytime highs into the 50s.

Lake level remains unseasonably high and clarity ranges throughout the lake from 5-13 feet. Fish are scattered throughout the lake and water column. “We continue to fast troll hardware in water between 10 and 40 feet deep, staggering baits/colors as we attempt to find a pattern,” said Crotty. “While the bite is not red hot, 10-plus fish days are not uncommon with the majority of the fish being rainbows in the two to three-pound class.”

Bank action has increased in coves and at Hamilton Branch and fishing should improve with the cooler weather. The majority of the fish caught are planters with an occasional larger fish thrown in the mix. Crawlers and power bait are the top baits. “I counted six fly fishermen in float tubes at Geritol this past week and they were picking up fish with size 12 green wiggle tails the top choice,” reported Crotty.

There is some road construction on 32, 36 and 70 with minimal delays; we are not expecting any adverse weather over the next seven days ad both USFS ramps and docks are in and ready for use.

“I had the pleasure of fishing Eagle Lake a couple of times this past week and fishing was good,” said Crotty. “Eagle Lake trout are in my opinion the hardest fighting, best eating trout you can catch.” The limit is two and well worth the drive. Eagle Lake marina on the southwest end of the lake is the only available ramp and the general store at the ramp closed Oct. 27, so if you go to Eagle, be prepared.

“We caught fish in the top 10 feet of the water column trolling Jay Fair trolling flies behind a wiggle disc at 1.6-1.8 mph with green our top producer,” said Crotty. “For up-to-date fishing reports on Eagle Lake visit Eagle Lake Guardians website.”

Bucks Lake

Winter hours have kicked in at the store but the fish are available all hours! Perfect weather and cooler temps make for some ideal fishing conditions without a boatload of visitors around every corner. Last week’s winds have died down and what remains could be some of the best fishing day of the season at Bucks Lake.

Bucks Lake Lodge is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the week, pack your own baits and sandwiches.

Frenchman Lake

What’s happening with the fish up at Frenchman? “It’s actually been really good, they haven’t been limiting out but the fish are very nice sized,” said Tammy Jones at Goodwin General Story, “and they have just been hitting on PowerBait and worms.” Trolling out 30-35 feet is working good.

Feather River

Fishing is closing the 15th of November on the Middle Fork Feather, North Fork Feather, Indian Creek, Spanish Creek and the North Fork of the Yuba.

For fishing the next two weeks before the sections close on the 15th, night crawlers and spinners are the baits of choice.

The river below dams is open year round, any section that connects eventually to the ocean. That includes the lower Feather and the American Yuba, they will remain open. To fish these waterways, keep in mind a salmon or steelhead license is required.

Lake Davis

“On the scale of one to 10,” said Jim Graham at J&J Grizzly Store, “fishing is about an eight. That’s for boat, bank and fly.” Jim suggests folks head up to the lake soon, “Get up here before the snow starts to fly. The fishing right now is excellent.”

Gold Lake

According to the fishing news posted on the bulletin board at Blairsden hardware store, fish early morning and evening, and throwing lures at the boat dock is the best bet.

Salmon Lake

Back outlet is the best spot for the time being. Stocked fish are still waiting to be caught.

Sardine Lake

Action is slowing down. The resort is locked down but the boat launch is open and there was a small winter stock of fish planted recently. Fish are being caught but they are on the small side.

Eagle Lake

It is definitelyFly Season” at Eagle Lake. “Fly Season means it’s fall, the fish are in the shallows, and on an aggressive bite,” said fish guide Bryan Roccucci. Quality fish are being picked up fly trolling and fly-casting. “If you are a trout fishing enthusiast, and you have not experienced Eagle Lake in the fall, you really need to make a trip,” said Roccucci. “We are currently working shallow areas all over the lake that are holding actively feeding Eagle Lake Rainbows. Most of the hits can be categorized as ‘explosions’ as these hot bows from 2.5 to 5 pounds put up spectacular battles.” Roccucci expects this fall bite to continue for the rest of October and November. If you would like to try a fish trip with Roccucci, his number is 370-1001.

Send pictures of fall fish that didn’t get away to [email protected].

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