Fish bits for the week of 11/13/19

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association (AFA) checked in with the details on fishing Almanor on Nov. 10.

Our unseasonably mild weather continues here in Plumas County. There was not a breath of wind on the lake yesterday. Water temps are hovering around the 50 degree mark dipping into the high 40s on occasion. Morning temps will remain in the high 20s to low 30s, with daytime temps ranging from the mid 50s to mid 60s for at least the next five days. With calm winds, beautiful sunrises and sunsets our weather is perfect for selling real estate, not so good for us fishermen.

“We picked up seven fish yesterday trolling fast with hardware and switching over to the slow stuff once the sun got on the water,” said Crotty. “There was no rhyme or reason we just covered a lot of water until we found a fish, making a second pass when we got bit.”


With a flat lake it was easy to spot fish, just tough to catch. “There was one other boat on the water that we were fishing, prior to us calling it a day,” said Crotty. “Speedy shiners and needle fish produced fish with red dot frog our top producer.” Fish were caught throughout the water column in water from 12-35 feet deep.

Bank fishermen are also hoping for a change in the weather, just something to get the fish feeding aggressively. The locals are taking advantage of the weather knowing that it is all going to change soon.

There remains minor road construction on highways 32, 36 and 70 with minimal delays; this week’s weather will not impact travel. Both public ramps remain open with docks in place.

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