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A 5-pound rainbow was caught by Team Hilder — from left, Robert, little Bob and Ron —Nov. 9 near Rec #2 at Lake Almanor. Photo submitted

Fish Bits for the week of 11/20/19

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association (AFA) and the AFA volunteers were busy Nov. 14 otter proofing the hatchery fish pens near Hamilton Branch. “We had a couple of otters that were prying an end of the cage lids up and reaching in and grabbing dinner,” said Crotty. “We installed a wood border around the top and secured the corners of the lid to the wood. Problem solved. Five pens done, five to go.”

Other folks were able to get out on the water to get a little fishing this week. With clear skies of the beauty that surrounds Lake Almanor, it is certainly a great time of year to get out on the water. Kayla Hilder sent in a picture of a beautiful 5-pound rainbow caught Nov. 9 near Rec. #2 by “Team Hilder.”

Our extended fall season has access to fishing spots wide open. There remains minor road construction on highways 32, 36 and 70 with minimal delays; this week’s weather will not impact travel. The little bit of rain that was predicted for Nov. 26 won’t affect much, but may dampen the dust and perhaps bring the fish to the surface. Both public ramps remain open with docks in place.

Feather River

Fishing closed the 15th of November on the Middle Fork Feather, North Fork Feather, Indian Creek, Spanish Creek and the North Fork of the Yuba so until spring, point the rod down river, way down river.

The river below dams is open year round, any section that connects eventually to the ocean. That includes the lower Feather, American and Yuba rivers; they will remain open. To fish these waterways, keep in mind a salmon or steelhead license is required.

Lake Davis

“On the scale of 1 to 10,” said Jim Graham at J&J Grizzly Store, “fishing is about an 8. That’s for boat, bank and fly.” Jim suggests folks head up to the lake soon, “Get up here before the snow starts to fly. The fishing right now is excellent.”

Gold Lake

According to the fishing news posted on the bulletin board at Blairsden Hardware Store, fish early morning and evening, and throwing lures at the boat dock is the best bet.

Send pictures of fall fishing expeditions in for the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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