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Fish Bits for the week of 11/6/19

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association checked in with the details on fishing in and near northern Plumas County on Nov. 3.

After another week of mild fall weather, water temps are dropping slowly on Almanor.  NOAA is predicting another week of the same — morning temps in the 30s, afternoon highs in the 60s. This beautiful fall weather is not going to last forever; if you want to fish Almanor or Eagle lakes now is the time. Mornings are brisk so layer appropriately.

Fishing pressure has been light on Almanor and while the bite has not been red hot, there are some quality fish being caught. Fast trolling hardware seems to be the most popular and productive method of catching fish, speedy shiners at 2.5-3 mph with at least one forty-niner in the water on most boats works. “You will have to move around the lake to find fish, Hamilton Branch, Big Springs, East shore, Rec #1 to the A-frame, and Rec #2 are good places to start your day,” said Crotty. Pond smelt remain the top diet choice of these fish and white is also a good option.

Bank fishermen are catching a few fish in the coves around the dam. That action is dependent on weather and the current forecast won’t drive (big) fish into the coves. Fly fishermen are picking up a few fish in and around Geritol Cove as well.

There remains minor road construction on highways 32, 36 and 70 with minimal delays; this week’s weather will not impact travel. Both public ramps remain open with docks in place.

Eagle Lake

“I fished Eagle twice this past week; water temps started out in the high 40s and settled in the low 50s,” said Crotty. “We launched in 15-degree weather and saw afternoon temps reach the low 60s, perfect fall time fishing weather.”

Crotty continued to catch fish on trolling flies with orange and green being the top two producers. “The bite has been good early and dies with the sun and calm winds,” said Crotty. The top 10 feet of the water column is where the fish are hanging out. “If Eagle is on your fishing wish list now is the time, for the best of both worlds, make a weekend trip of Eagle one day and Almanor the next,” said Crotty. “For up-to-date fishing reports on Eagle Lake visit Eagle Lake Guardians Facebook and/or website.”

Send pictures of fall fishing expeditions in for the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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