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Fish Bits for the week of 2/5/20

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association works with other volunteers to remove this log hooked up on the fish pens. Photo submitted

Bucks Lake Lodge

Rebecca Gutierrez up at the lodge said the road is closed but the fishing is good. Anyone with a snow mobile is in luck.

“We are still waiting for the lake to freeze over,” said Gutierrez, I responded that it seems like spring has arrived. “Good luck with that,” said Gutierrez.

The annual snowmobile poker run took place this past weekend up at the lake. A gathering of near a hundred folks pulled together for a day of fun near the lake buzzing around in the frozen white stuff. “We have plenty of snow,” said Gutierrez.

Frenchman Lake

No report on the “quality” of the bite, but a Goodwin’s General Store employee reported that “folks are out there fishing.” There is ice around the edges and up by the rock formations, but the weather has been very pleasant and if the fish aren’t biting, that’s all that’s missing from a perfect day droppin’ a line at Frenchman.

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association reported in on the happenings at Lake Almanor.

Bob Michaels, Bill Perrault, and Bill’s friend, Chris, joined Crotty on his regular rounds Jan. 27 to feed the hatchlings in the fish pens at Hamilton Branch. The crew of volunteers took advantage of the “beautiful winter day” to remove a log that was wedged into the transfer dock.

“We thought it was a small log and would take a couple of minutes,” said Crotty. “As you can see from the picture, it was a large tree. Bill saved the day with his Jeep and a 12,000 pound winch.”

The water temperature was 39 degrees. “The fish are doing great,” said Crotty. The pen fish at the ‘Branch’ ate two 40-pound bags of food. No dead fish were spotted in the group of over 70,000 fish being tended. “Fish at both sites were hungry and fed actively,” said Crotty.

Veterans may mark their calendars for the fourth annual AFA Veteran’s Fishing Day set for June 27. The Almanor Fishing Association gathered 49 boats to accommodate 97 veterans fishing for the event in 2019.

Vets who would like to participate can call 284-0861 or [email protected] for questions and sign up. Fishing on June 27 starts at 6 a.m. and a big barbeque takes place around 3 p.m. at the Lake Almanor Rec #1 picnic area.

Registration for this big day takes place before May 22, anybody calling after that date will be placed on a will call list. Contact early to reserve a spot.

Lake Davis

The John Pato Ice (or no ice) winter fishing derby took place Feb. 1. Jeanne Graham of J&J Grizzly Store said the fire chief came up to check the condition of the ice the evening before the derby to determine if the derby would be an ice-fishing derby or just a fishing derby. Check in and fishing began at 8 a.m. and continued through the day with final weigh-ins taking place by 3 p.m.

Send pictures of your winter fishing expeditions for publication in the Feather Publishing Sports Section to [email protected].

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