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FIsh bits for the week of 4/1/20

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association checked in March 29 to give us this update. Remember that accessibility is subject to change at any moment depending on the weather, so always call ahead for road conditions during winter.

The Canyon Dam boat ramp and public access remain open with dock in place. The restrooms are closed as are all of the campgrounds around the lake. Some businesses are closed as well including restaurants. Call ahead to see what is available.

Snow at lake level is dissipating quickly. This current storm will not amount to much with little snow accumulation. After Tuesday we will see an increase in temps and sunny skies.

Lake level is rising slowly and visibility remains unchanged, water temps are in the low to mid forties. The bite that has been going on around the dam for the past few weeks is slowing. We aren’t seeing large bait balls or surface activity like we were a few weeks ago.

We had some significant insect hatches over the past week and I saw the first Osprey of the season chasing an Eagle out of his domain. These fish will begin chasing bugs and the surface bite on hardware will soon follow. Big Meadows will start to see an increase in boat traffic. There were some mature fish hanging out around Geritol Cove and bank fishermen have been picking up some quality fish.

Fishermen are also targeting fish at Hamilton Branch from shore with fly fishermen out producing the bait guys.

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