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Fish Bits for the week of 5/22/19

Bucks Lake

The clearing of snow from the road up to the Lakeshore Lodge and Bucks Lake Lodge began May 13. Rebecca Guereque said, “The roads are open!” There was a dusting of snow May 16 but it didn’t cover the newly cleared roads so all is well.

The dock at Bucks Lake Lodge and that of Lakeshore Resort are not yet in, but they will be up and running by the Memorial Day weekend, according to Guereque. “We are open and will be seven days a week by Memorial Day weekend,” said Guereque. That’s good news for everyone! Except perhaps the fish.

Frenchman Reservoir

Mary Goodwin at Goodwin’s General Store said, “The fish were really biting,” and the store has been busy with lots of people coming in.

“They are buying worms in the morning and coming back to buy more worms in the afternoon,” said Goodwin.

She also reported that the lake is totally clear.

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association provided these details on fishing in northern Plumas County.

All of the Almanor tributaries continue to dump water into Almanor. On May 12, PG&E increased the outflow at Canyon Dam into the Feather as we quickly approach the full mark.

“I saw surface water temps reach 66 degrees and visibility is 10 plus feet,” said Crotty on May 11.

Fish continue to feast on insects and their high protein diet has them in great shape. Fish can be seen rising throughout the lake when hatches are going off. Trollers are trolling slow and fast and catching fish in either fashion.

“The fish are selective, and you will go through long stretches without a bite, but when you do catch a fat 3-pound rainbow they are hard fighting and their meat is salmon pink,” said Crotty.

Gulps, crawlers, hardware, flies, fast slow and in between will all put you on fish. “The bite will turn on and off instantly, we had three rods in the water last week and at one point all three had fish on, the largest a 4 1/2 pound bow,” said Crotty. “I spoke with bass fishermen yesterday and they caught a few fish targeting bass in deeper water as they stage off points.” They should be bedding up any day.

If you are driving up from the valley and like driving up the canyon on 70 check Caltrans road conditions, last week we had a guest that had to backtrack 15 miles as a result of an extended road closure. Otherwise roads, ramps, campgrounds and dining establishments are ready for summer.

Lake Davis

“The lake is finally iced out,” said Jeanne at J&J Grizzly Store, “and I never thought I was going to get to say that.” Fishing is good, but it’s not red hot yet according to Jeanne. There are boats in the water but the dock was not yet in the water.

Bass are biting at Lightening Tree and trout are doing well at Mallard. Fishermen were finally able to get in down at Old Camp 5 and Eagle Point over the Cinco de Mayo weekend so reports will be coming in soon from those areas.

“Trolling is doing best, of course,” said Jeanne. However, up at the store folks are buying night crawlers and PowerBait for fishing from the shoreline.

Sardine Lake

“The lake still has ice and snow on it,” said Michelle Tahaselton up at Sardine Lake Resort. “We are getting the resort ready to open. “It’s probably going to be another couple of weeks,” she added.

The restaurant offers fine dining from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. after their opening Memorial Day weekend through to close in the middle of October. Besides cabin rentals, the resort has boat and tackle rentals along with sales of bait and food.

And hey friends, keep Fish Bits in mind when you go out on the water. There is nothing that would be more fun than to post a picture of a 5-year-old with their catch of the day. We also appreciate the chance to publish pictures of fishing folk of any age or gender of a blissful day on the water or near the shores of our prime fishing destinations in Plumas County.

Send them to [email protected], and thank you for reading our paper.

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