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Fish bits for the week of 7/24/19

Packer Lake

Mike Bordello, National Guard helicopter pilot, takes a break at Frenchman and has a little luck. Photo by Gary Blanchard

Coming up on July 20 is the Packer Lake Fishing Derby. “Be one of the famous ones who wins this annual derby and possibly gets some mountain or town named after you down the road,” said Jack Trout. “A few thousand trout are willing and waiting for your best stuff, hope to see you out there, I’ll be guiding that day some place close.”

Middle Fork Feather River

Conditions change as hotter temps prevail this past week so early and late is the ticket with the best fly-fishing from 4 p.m. to dark. Diets change, fish get picky and go on Atkins and Jenny Craig diets. Use a size 14 or 12 hopper up against the banks, they’re there for a reason and trout don’t have to go to whale watchers now to lose weight. In the mornings, the PMD hatch occurs around 9:30 a.m., use a size 16 light. Cahill in pink or cream. S&M Nymphs size 18 and 20 in tan are working great!

Everyone wants to catch the trout that if it had to ever haul butt, it would have to make two trips, so fish the shaded banks in the nooks and crannies of the English muffin and do the Shatner and “Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!” It’s that time of year folks. Green Caddis worm size 14 & 16 are great too right now, throw them a curve ball I say.

North Fork Yuba River

This is the best time of year to fish this river. Edges are fully exposed yet trout have cover and are feeling warm and fuzzy feeding on mayflies in the mornings and on caddis and stones in the afternoon. Start at low elevations and work your way up Highway 49 as the cake rises with the daily oven temps.

Look for the “Oxy-Water” that leads into medium speed foam lines and fish deep, trout are in there they just like it down under mate. Think about multiple flies and swinging them into the tail out and wait for the grab. Prince nymphs size 14, Amber Prince Size 16, Red copper johns size 18 & 16. Dries would be an Ed Cutter Caddis Size 14 and just cast it foam lines and up against slow banks, possible in riffles if you can find them on the NF Yuba. Pocket Water with Golden Stone droppers down to 6 feet is a award winning combination, use two droppers and have a tungsten bead on the point fly, make the bottom fly non-beaded like a size 16 or 18 pheasant tail.

Fishing classes at the fair

Catch Jack Trout in person at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair on Friday, Aug. 16, at 6 p.m., for Fly Fishing 101. “Add another dynamic to your fishing arsenal and repertoire,” says Trout.

Pitching a doubleheader, folks can witness and learn the Jack Trout secrets for making magic, starting at 7 p.m. as Jack offers The Art of Fly Tying, “Think like a fish, look like a bug.”

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