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Fish Bits for the week of 8/28/19

Middle Fork Feather River

Fishing is slow. The “Dog Days of Summer” bring low flows. Rattlesnakes and scorpions are the happiest right now in the Plumas Forest.

There was a new variety of scorpion recently discovered in the Plumas, pseudouroctonus maidu.

But back to the fish, they are only feeding very, very early and after 7 p.m. to dark on hoppers and mayflies. (Adams size 16).

“My advice is wait until the 40 degree mornings return in September or we get some rains; you’ll be helping out the native trout populations by not fishing as this was a fantastic season for trout growth and health,” said Jack Trout. “Like now, it’s ok to give trout a break and let them flourish, they’ve had five hard years of low flows and droughtconditions, let us hope this wonderful spring and summer climate we’ve been blessed with continues right into 2020 with more of the same.”

Enjoy a summer shanty with friends and family and think about fishing this fall when better conditions prevail. Right now lakes and creeks are a better bet.

North Fork Yuba River

You can see trout from the road; it’s like an aquarium, but it sure is tough fishing. “You know how you eat after a walk in the snow versus a hot summer day?” said Jack Trout. “It’s the same for trout, they want to keep their girlish figures you know.”

Fishing guide Jack continues to describe conditions, “Mornings you can catch trout on dry flies like a light cahill size 16, but forget the nymphs after that it’s strange days indeed, most peculiar momma — Whoa!”

If you are you wondering why Sizzlers, go down to the Yuba and look closely at the rocks. There are midge larva all over on those rocks. “Every time you step in the river you’re feeding trout and you don’t even know it,” said Trout. “When the cold mornings return so will the premium trout fishing. Meanwhile you get out there and walk around and look for bugs or gold.” You got competition and the trout know better, don’t take it personal wait until next month.”

Other than that, let us know how you do out on the water. Send your pictures and details to [email protected].

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