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Fish Bits for the week of 9/18/19

Antelope Lake

Stay home.

Frenchman Lake

Overall, the report is that fishing has been kind of slow, a few storms have come to the area here and there. Chilcoot Campground is closed but Spanish Creek Campground, the main launch at Frenchman with the boat launch and Big Cove Campground are open until Sept. 30.

Lake Almanor

John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association sent in the following information Sept. 15. Water levels remain unseasonably high and temps are beginning to decline. On Friday, the surface temp reached a high of 69.5. We have a weather front moving in this evening with rain and cooler weather predicted.

“I fished three days this past week to mixed results. We did catch a few fish slow trolling gulps and crawlers naked at 1 mph on a size 8 hook,” said Crotty. “The bite was good early and died when the sun got on the water. We attempted to fast troll hardware through some large schools of pond smelt and just couldn’t find a bite.” The fish are feasting on pond smelt right now; try cop car lures, Rapallas, Gulp’s in the smelt pattern, Artic Fox trolling flies, anything that resembles a smelt is your best bet.

Fish are still hanging out in deeper water, 40-55’ deep. East shore, Rec#1 or 2, A-Frame and Big Springs are all good places to start fishing. “We have been experiencing some smoke from the Walker Fire when the wind dies, it does appear that the fire is winding down and this next week of cooler, wet weather will certainly help,” said Crotty.

Bank fishermen continue to target fish at Hamilton Branch; haven’t seen much activity anywhere else. When water temps drop into the 50s, fish should start migrating into the coves.

There were a couple of bass fishermen on the water yesterday targeting fish along the East shore and off rocky points to mixed results. We caught a 4 1/2 lb. small mouth off Hamilton Branch on crawler that put up quite a fight. She was fat and in great shape. Crowds are dwindling and boat traffic has been minimal. Fall is in the air, it’s time to get on the water.

Lake Davis

“Trout are picking back up, it always gets slow in the summer,” said Jeanne Graham up at J&J Grizzly Store. “Bass, catfish and sunfish are doing well, like bluegill and pumpkins seed, and trolling trout are doing well.”

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake trips should be on the water this week. “This year, as in years past, we will be splitting the fall season, fishing both Almanor and Eagle,” said Bryan Roccucci of Big Daddy Fishing. “Eagle Lake is shaping up to have some pretty exciting fall fishing this year. It doesn’t get any better than battling the hot Rainbows in the shallows.”

Middle Fork Feather River

Colder mornings lead to more trout activity, but it’s the size that matters in Plumas County.

“Get that fly rod out and look for rocks that you can high stick behind a size 14 pheasant tail and a black micro mayfly size 18 on the bottom. These trout around these parts enjoy catch and release,” said fishing guide Jack Trout.

“In the mornings and evening put on a may fly size 16, later by 2 a.m., if not successful, crawl off and fish in the bath tub,” joked Trout.

North Fork Yuba River

“The fishing rebounded this week with colder water temps, trout are getting goosey knowing they need get a move on it now, the fall bite is like an eating contest, this is the time of year when I start tying bigger flies for September and October,” said Trout. Every day more caddis are hatching. Trout get going on bugs like size 18 red Copper Johns.”

On other fishing news and views, let us know yours. We are interested to see and hear how you do out on the lakes, river or streams. Send your pictures and details to [email protected].

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