Jack Trout demonstrates technique and tackle at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair during Fly Fishing 101 Aug. 17. Photos submitted

Fish Bits for the week of 9/4/19

Lake Almanor

“While it’s been a couple of weeks since my last report not much has changed,” said John Crotty on behalf of Almanor Fishing Association. Pond smelt are the diet of choice and they can be found throughout the lake. “We continue to slow troll crawlers and plastics (gulps and grubs) at one mph or less, with or without flashers/dodgers in water up to 50 feet deep,” said Crotty.

Fishing pressure has been concentrated in the popular haunts such as Peninsula, Rec #1 & 2, Dorado and the East Shore.

“With school back in session boat traffic has lightened up on the weekdays, you will find a crowd on weekends at the boat ramps” said Crotty. Water temp is hovering around the mid seventies and we are not expecting any significant changes in our weather pattern for the next week or two.


Middle Fork Feather River

“Drop down, drop down, drop down and don’t think about at the end when you have to climb back up that mountain,” said fishing guide Jack Trout. “That’s right, it’s time to head down the canyon towards Belden where residents have curved shaped spines from driving highway 70 all their lives, but get straight A’s for their effort.” This time of year you need every creek and all the lakes to make a Feather River. “Get crazy and drive down to areas you haven’t fished before that have plenty of water, that means south of the Greenville Y and boldly go folks!” suggests Trout. “Be like one of those ancient snowshoers that used to come in from Onion Valley or Port Wine looking for a morsel of entertainment.”

If you are surrounded by rocks that make you feel like Barney Rubble you’re in the right areas. Fish foamed water areas with black stone imitations size 12 and caddis emergers under a white bobber are a good choice. “Use the same color as the foam for indicator,” said Trout. “Carry a wooden stick to help for balance and keep anyone else an extra arm length away.”

Dry fly is the hot ticket in the mornings and late evenings, black body Adams size 16 and green body caddis size 14. Also give Ed Cutter caddis a try, a local Truckee fly favorite that works great this time of year. “Also, the little yellow stones are back, so change flies often and keep an eye out for what is hatching,” said Trout. “Look for bird activity and don’t fish on the really hot days, better to do half days morning or evenings.”


North Fork Yuba River

This is a good time of year to hike to some of those gem hidden lakes that everyone is always talking about in the winter. “You know that friend you’ve got that always has that story about some great lakes somewhere around Bassetts Station where you always catch a boat load of trout, but you couldn’t get a boat up there if your life depended on it?” said Trout. “Remember the semi old guy that brought you there when you were 13 and made you carry all the gear? Then you watched the adults catch all the trout and the prize was that you got to carry all the trout back to the car three hours later over your shoulders.”

Go to those lakes and be the adult this time suggests Trout. Get in the car and drive to a trail that leads to high mountain lakes. “You’ll feel great and you’ll probably thank me in Howland Flat or La Porte around Lexington Hill someday,” said Trout. This is a great time of year to hike and fish the Lake Basin areas and other areas locals only talk about in the winter, secretly, in Sierra County. 

Other than that, let us know how you do out on the water, river or streams. Send your pictures and details to [email protected]