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J&J Grizzly Store at Lake Davis is covered in snow Jan. 27 with more on the way. Photo by Jeanne Graham

Fish don’t seem to mind the snowy weather

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Lake Almanor

This past week’s series of storms dropped more than three feet of snow at lake level. Water temps fell a couple of degrees and ice is beginning to form in and around coves. Another storm landed this week, Monday and Tuesday, which brought more rain than snow.

Water clarity is down to five feet and temps were ranging between 36-39 degrees. Hamilton Branch is depositing dirty water and visibility at the branch is a foot at best. “If we receive a significant amount of rain, shore fishing will be wiped out for at least a couple of days with muddy water deposited into Almanor from all our tributaries,” said John Crotty reporting in from Almanor Fishing Association. Fishing conditions change daily for both bank and boat fishermen. “Geritol was unfishable yesterday due to ice and Hamilton Branch was barely fishable,” said Crotty on Sunday, Jan. 31.

A change in weather conditions is expected to begin Wednesday, Feb. 3, through at least next weekend. “Trollers, as conditions improve, I would recommend concentrating your efforts on the south end of the lake and branching out to other areas as conditions permit,” suggests Crotty. “Keep it simple, find bait/fish and stay on them, they will eat eventually. I target fish in the top 15 feet early in the day and rarely fish deeper than 30 feet this time of year. While you will mark bait and fish deeper I have found the biters 25 feet and shallower.”

The Canyon Dam ramp is clear and open. Lake level is increasing daily and fishermen will need rubber boats to get onto the dock when launching. “Be safe and call ahead for current weather and fishing conditions,” said Crotty.

Lake Davis

Jeanne Graham at J&J Grizzly Store reports that, “Yes the lake is frozen.” Since the second week of January there has no open water left at Mallard. Ice is reported to be from 6 to 8 inches from Mallard down to the dam. “Remember the ice is not officially monitored and the information above is as reported by fishermen. It is up to you to decide if it is safe or not for you to go out on,” said Jeanne.

Over 1.5 feet of snow built up at the lake Jan. 27 and 28. “Could not get to my normal measuring spot unless I wanted to wade through hip deep snow, snow amount is probably higher,” said Jeanne. “Snowed at least 95 percent of the day yesterday (Jan. 27). Currently snowing now. Had a very loud wakeup call around 5 a.m. when the snow started sliding off the roof!”

The annual February Davis Lake derby is not a sure thing. “If I were a betting person, I would say it’s not going to happen as a derby,” said Jeanne. The “Maybe Ice Derby” is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 13. The Father’s Day Weekend Derby is still planned for June 19.

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