Fishing at Almanor despite closed ramps, low levels

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Lake Almanor
Lake level continues to drop, — currently sitting at 4477.74 — approximately three feet lower than last year on the same date. Stumps and rocks are popping up throughout the lake and creating new navigational hazards daily. Both USFS public boat ramps remain closed with no estimated opening date. Saturday winds clouded the water in the north/west section of the lake, today clarity was between 8-12’ on the east side of the lake, half that on the West.
Almanor is full of Pond Smelt with huge bait balls seemingly everywhere. Fish are migrating throughout the lake and water column. “I fished a couple of hours this afternoon and hooked four fish, all on gulp smelt imitation, I fished from Rec #2 to the tip of the Peninsula,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “We had four rods out: one at 30’, one at 25, 20 & 15 and all four got bit.”
Boat traffic was light and water temps were between 63.5 & 65 degrees. Target fish in the deeper water and around springs as fish are seeking cooler water. Last night’s rain while welcomed didn’t amount to much more than a light dusting.
Temperatures hover in the mid 60s with the low dropping to the mid 30s. Winds are in the forecast today, Monday, and tomorrow. Warming temps are expected later in the week. Shore fishermen are targeting Hamilton Branch. “I spoke with a few guys and the bite has been tough,” said Crotty.
AFA is planning for another successful fish pen season. The fish food delivery this past week ($12,000) arrived and 50,000 fertile Eagle Lake Rainbows are expected to arrive in late October. “We will be monitoring water temps and levels to insure the safety of our pens, fish and volunteers,” said Crotty.
“Through the generosity of AFA supporters we have raised approximately $20,000 for DIXIE Fire Victims. We are working with Bill Cook the Veterans Services Officer to administer the funds to Veterans,” said Crotty. “If you are a Veteran impacted by the Dixie Fire please contact Bill at 530-283-6275 or send us an email at [email protected].”
There have been a number of fundraisers within our local communities, as we band together to assist those in need. Todd Geer is holding an event on Saturday, Oct. 2 at Plumas Pines; Carol from Carols Restaurant in Prattville turned her 50th anniversary into a fund-raising event; and the Almanor Foundation has been working diligently to raise monies. If you would like to make a donation to the fire victims you can do so be attending events or sending monies to the Almanor Foundation Wildlife Relief Fund. The Almanor Fishing Association will be closing their GoFundMe account soon; but folks can continue to make donations via the PayPal account on the AFA website: or by mail to AFA PO Box 1938, Chester, CA 96020.
“The Lake Almanor Community and all agencies raising monies are working together with a common goal to serve those in need,” said Crotty.