Fishing conditions are “ideal” at Lake Almanor

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Fishing conditions have been ideal the past week with daytime highs in the high 80s, overnight lows in the high 40s with mild winds,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. Temperatures are predicted to remain unchanged for the next seven days. Winds are expected to be noticable early in the week. Water level is at 4482.36 feet, which is up slightly from last year on the same date. Water temperatures are hovering around the 70-degree mark.

The hex hatch is winding down as fish are switching their diet towards pond smelt. The rocky edges of Almanor are loaded with smelt and fishermen can see them on top of the water in the early morning on calm days. “We are beginning to mark large balls of smelt in deeper water,” reports Crotty. Fish and fowl of all species are feasting on the tender little morsels. “There are a number of smelt imitations on the market including plastics, flies and hardware and you can pick your favorite method to fish them, local favorites include gulps at one mph, Arctic Fox trolling flies @ 1.7-2 mph, Cop Car hardware at 2.5 mph and Silver/black F-5 Rapala’s all work. As always crawlers at one mph will produce fish,” advised Crotty.

Big Springs, Dorado, Rec #1, Big Cove, and the Peninsula have been favorites for fishermen this past week. The bite has been good early, shutting off around ten or eleven in the morning. Hamilton Branch is the best shot at quality fish from shore. The bite slowed for the guys on anchor this past week.


Almanor Fishing Association’s annual Family Picnic is Saturday, July 30. Seating is limited and, heads up, AFA will not be selling tickets at the door. Please purchase tickets in advance to support all the work done by AFA and enjoy a family barbecue at beautiful Rec # 1.