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Foundation announces another $500,000 to help rebuild homes for Dixie Fire victims

The North Valley Community Foundation and the Dixie Fire Funders Roundtable have issued nearly $1.2 million in grants for victims of the Dixie Fire. Today, the Foundation announced that its two latest grants include $269,650 for Hope Crisis Response Network to establish the program in Plumas County,  and $275,000 to Plumas Strong to renovate Copper Creek Camp in Greenville for year-round volunteer and workforce housing.

The grants were approved by the Dixie Fire Funders Roundtable, which originally consisted of 16 organizations that received donations to fund recovery efforts after the fire tore through five counties a year ago. North Valley Community Foundation organized and is managing the roundtable. Two other funds at NVCF, the Almanor Foundation and the Dixie Fire Collaborative, are among the participating funders of the most recent grants, along with American Red Cross and Plumas Bank.

All told, NVCF and the Dixie Fire Funders Roundtable have issued 39 grants totaling nearly $1.2 million. For a full list of grants, see www.nvcf.org/dixie-fire-grant-program.

Hope Crisis Response Network is already building homes in the Camp Fire footprint. The Dixie Fire grant will allow the nonprofit organization to expand to Plumas County for at least two years. With the grant, Hope Crisis Response Network will hire a construction manager, purchase a work truck, cargo trailer and tools. The organization expects to complete five homes the first year. Referrals come from the case management system.

The grant to Plumas Strong will allow it to make renovations to Copper Creek Camp, formerly a summer camp for young people, into a site that will provide housing to Hope Crisis Response Network volunteers and others building homes.

Other recent large grants from the Funders Roundtable include $78,700 for a pop-up business district in Greenville, $90,000 to Greenville Rancheria for its fire department and $123,655 to start the Greenville recovery planning process.

For more information on Dixie Fire relief, how nonprofit organizations can apply for grants and how to donate, visit https://www.nvcf.org/dixie-fire-grant-program.

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