Four-man and two-man format for Graeagle men

Graeagle Men’s Golf Association
The Wednesday four-man team format on July 13 was One, Two, Three. In this format, one score from the team counts on the first hole, two scores count on the second hole, and three scores count on the third hole. On the fourth and subsequent holes, the process repeats itself. First Place was a tie between the team of Dennis Flynn, Don Judson, Bert Bellows and Norm Nichols, and the team of Ron Eaton, Tom Fregulia, Steve Peterson and Bob McIlroy, both teams with scores of 128. There were seven “skins” awarded: two each to Norm Nichols and Grant Mayfield, and one each to Norm Miller, Tom Fregulia and Bert Bellows.
Two days later, July 15, the Friday two-man team game was Odd and Even. In this format the players select whose score will count as the team score on the first hole, and that player’s scores will count on the Odd numbered holes throughout the round, and the playing partner’s scores will count on the Even holes for the team score. Four places were paid.  First Place went to the team of Mario Garibotti and Bryan Hansen, with a score of 67; Second Place was the team of Dave Dirking and Bert Bellows, with a score of 70; Third Place went to the team of John Jackson and Jack Gilbert, with a score of 71; and, Fourth Place was a tie between the team of Gene Carr and Bill Harrison and the team of Jim Reynolds and Dennis Flynn, both with scores of 72. There were three “skins” awarded: one each to Bryan Hansen, Jim Oster and Bill Harrison.