Four to represent Plumas in annual Lions All-Star games

Lions All-Star football player and coach honors have been announced for the annual North/South games this summer. Four Plumas County athletes have been chosen. Elijah Allred (5’11”) from Quincy High School has been selected to play on the South 11-man team with Portola’s Jackson Powell (6’2”). David Leonhardt (6’2”) from Quincy has been selected to play on the South 8-man team with Chester High School’s former Greenville student Wade Neer (5’9”).



The big games will take place Saturday, June 18, at Shasta College, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.


The Lions All Star games bring together All Star players from 56 different schools in the Lions 4C-1 District. Players are nominated by their high school coaches and selected by the All Star coaches who, this year are: Dustin Fortenberry of University Prep High School (Large School North), Rick Prinz of Paradise High School (Large School South), Gerald Piper of Redding Christian High (Small School North), and Jedediah Tate of Burney High School (Small School South).


Mark your calendars; this is always an amazing show of talent and a very welcome athletic event when football fans are really hungry for a big outdoor game. In the Sierra, our football events are accompanied by hot chocolate, hot nachos, hot dogs, and as many of layers of clothing as we can bear. Our breath comes out as icy fog, and although the games are exhilarating, it’s always great to be heading home. The All Star game is completely different. It’s hot. Icy cold beverages are king. The stands are packed with a thousand vs. a hundred, and the excitement can be cut with a knife. Players are able to join forces with prime talents in coaching and athleticism for one last hurrah of high school football before leaving it all behind. With finals and big decisions all out of the way, the summer All Star game is an experience not to be missed if the opportunity presents itself. Hope to see you all on June 18 in Redding!