Fourth of July in Plumas County

Plenty to do for locals and their visitors

The Fourth of July is here in Plumas County along with events that offer something for every taste from Lake Almanor to Graeagle. Check out the front page of this section for a listing of the various events that are planned. One change — sure to be noticed by many — is the decision to delay the Almanor fireworks extravaganza until Labor Day, once it became clear that there wasn’t a safe place from which to launch them.

But there’s plenty more to do in Almanor with a fun run, parade and craft show. Indian Valley kicks off the holiday with a pancake breakfast and parade in Taylorsville followed by the 70th annual Silver Buckle Rodeo. Meadow Valley also gets into the spirit on the Fourth of July with its own parade and barbecue potluck. Bucks Lake will feature its annual boat parade. The fun shifts to the eastern end of the county this weekend with events spread out over three days in Graeagle. Highlights will be Saturday’s fireworks display and Sunday’s parade and day in the park. In Quincy the High Sierra Music Festival runs from the Fourth through Sunday.

With this wide array of events, there will be a lot of people in Plumas County and we encourage everyone to enjoy the fun, but be safe. Many visitors may be unfamiliar with the roads, so slow down and drive defensively. Watch for deer and other wildlife. We are now in fire season, so adhere to all rules regarding when and where campfires are allowed. Taking extra precautions will keep residents and visitors alike safe.


Disaster council meets

Public safety was at the center of last week’s meeting of the disaster council as the county prepares for power shutoffs this fire season. It’s clear that while county leaders are doing what they can to plan, individual residents need to be prepared. We are used to power outages in our rural areas, but typically they occur in the winter. This will be different and so we must plan accordingly. In the upcoming weeks we will be printing helpful hints as well as compiling lists of what services will be available in each community. Register with your power company as well as the county’s Code Red system so that you will be alerted when necessary. Plumas County residents are resilient and will get through these outages, but let’s make it as problem free as we can by planning ahead.