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FRC announces 3 more employees test positive

Feather River College announced today, Aug. 27, that it received confirmation of three positive COVID tests from employees.  Two of the individuals are related to a family transmission from an earlier reported positive case over a week ago.

Employee #1 has been off campus, quarantining since Monday, Aug. 16, due to another family member testing positive.  They originally tested negative, subsequently developed symptoms, and tested positive Wednesday, Aug. 26.

Employee #2 has similarly been off campus for the same reason, developed symptoms while quarantining, and tested positive on Thursday, Aug. 26.  Employee 1 and 2 have close family contacts with another person who was positive for COVID.

Employee #3 is unrelated to the above persons, and has not had substantial contact with campus since Wednesday, Aug. 18.  They tested positive yesterday, Thursday, Aug. 26.

All three individuals are Plumas County residents and are presumably included in Plumas County Public Health reports

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