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FRC announces 4 more positive COVID cases Jan. 7

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna said that the college received notice today, Jan. 7, that four students received positive COVID tests. These students had significant close contact with one or more students reported earlier in the week.  All four students are self-isolating in their Plumas County residences.

As part of the process for bringing vaccinated students out of quarantine following significant close contact with another individual who tested positive on Monday (such as from the same area household or same campus cohort), FRC tested for COVID on Monday, which yielded negative results, and then FRC conducted follow-up retests between 3-5 days after the significant close contact exposure.

It was during this follow-up retest timeframe where four students tested positive today. They have been in quarantine since Monday pending these results today, where they will now move to self-isolation.  FRC has notified other close contact campus individuals and FRC is coordinating with health care providers to provide care for the students as necessary.

FRC reported 10 cases earlier this week.


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