FRC announces positive test result for student-athlete

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna announced this afternoon, March 12, that a student-athlete tested positive for the coronavirus. This announcement comes one week after another student-athlete tested positive last Friday.

Approximately 158 student-athletes were tested for clearance to practice as part of the FRC’s surveillance testing on Wednesday. One asymptomatic student received a positive test result Thursday. The student lives off campus in a private residence and is self-isolating in their room.  All of their academic classes are online.  Those who have regular close contact with the individual have been notified.

“While we cannot stop the virus, the Athletics Department is working very hard to protect our students, and in turn our community,” Trutna said in his announcement. “I thank them for their dedication … I acknowledge that conducting over 150 tests each week cannot be an easy task, knowing the virus is present in the community.  They are to be commended for their service to students.”

The Feather River College football team is traveling to Shasta College in Redding for its first game of the season. Trutna will be accompanying the team. Plumas News will provide post game coverage — Sports Reporter Mari Erin Roth will be in attendance.