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FRC Eagle Kevlin Swint charges down the court flanked by Jamel White (No. 5) overwhelming the Lassen Cougars on Feb. 1. Photos by Mari Erin Roth

FRC Eagles soar above Lassen Cougars

It’s not easy for Lassen to get a ball in the basket when surrounded by FRC Eagles.

The Feather River Eagles took the high road beating the Lassen Cougars 92-72 on Feb. 1 at home.

Derrick Randolph led the Eagles with 29 points. Chris McDonald and Calvin Fletcher both added 14 each to the scoreboard. Kevlin Swint led the defense with eight rebounds.

Sophomore Randolph and freshman Jamel White were all over the court taking the initiative to make life, and scoring, difficult for the Cougars.

The high-scoring Cougar was Unwana Eklko with 17 points followed closely by Jason Moore with 16.

Lady Eagles take Cougars

The Lady Eagles also won their match against the Cougars on Feb. 1 with a whopping score of 108-66.

Demonstrating solid team play, Va Draunidalo put in 19 points, MaShaylee Giles scored 18, Shayla Butterfield added 12 and Alli Ramelli racked up 11 for the Eagles.

Lassen leaned heavily on Carissa Shaffer who put 31 out of the Cougars 66 points on the board.

FRC vs. Siskiyous

“The Feather River men had an outstanding game Monday,” said FRC Athletic Director Merle Trueblood of the 105-75 rescheduled match the Eagles won against Siskiyous.

The Eagles led the first half with a score of 48-40 and accelerated through the second half. FRC high scorers were Derrick Randolph with 25, Lamous Brown and Jamel White each adding 16 points.

Feather River women lost to the competition when Siskiyous scored 112 to the eagles 102 points. Eagle Draunidalo scored 34 giant points, Giles brought home 25 for FRC and Kaylee Neill added 14.

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