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From left are Lindsey Kimzey with a projected graduation date of 2019; Melissa Gilbert who graduated from SOU in 2015; Leasa Tolen who will graduate in 2019; Kelley Molina whose graduation is this year; Kinderlin Hoznour who graduated in 2015 and Elsie Wesley who will graduate this year are or have been involved in receiving their bachelor’s degrees online. Not pictured are Neesa Ludington and Amanda Nolan. Photo submitted

FRC grads earn bachelor’s degrees from home

Early Childhood Education graduates from Feather River College are taking advantage of an opportunity to continue their education while remaining in Plumas County.

Through a partnership with Southern Oregon University, students can take their general education and early childhood courses at FRC, then transfer to SOU’s online program to complete their higher degree.

To date, five FRC grads have completed their bachelor of science degrees at SOU, with three in progress and four more ready to begin in 2018-19.

Melissa Gilbert, SOU graduate in 2015, said, “I regretfully put off finishing my education for years because I didn’t want to move my family from this community. This program made it possible for me to finish my degree.”

Kinderlin Hoznour appreciated being able to have dual enrollment at FRC and SOU.

Kelley Molina noted that she had no plan to move away from Plumas County and that without this program, she would not have been able to complete a higher degree.

All students who enrolled in SOU’s online program were able to maintain employment locally while continuing their education.   

Lindsey Kimzey is a mom and an Enrichment Instructor/Kindergarten Instructional  Aide at Plumas Charter School,  Gilbert is a mom and teacher at Plumas Charter School, Leasa Tolen is a mom and site supervisor at Quincy Head Start, Kelley Molina is a teacher at the Child Development Center at FRC, Kinderlin Hoznour is a mom and director of the Child Development Center at FRC, and Elsie Wesley is a mom, grandmother and para-educator at the Quincy Special Day School.

For more information about Early Childhood Education at FRC and transfer options, contact Merle Rusky at [email protected] or call 283-0202 ext. 311.

2 thoughts on “FRC grads earn bachelor’s degrees from home

  • “Early Childhood Education” is a much needed thing today. Everyone should applaud these fine future educators! It’s long been a fact that the more and the earlier children begin learning, the better off their lives are and the better off we, as a civilization, are.

  • Congratulations! Keep up this impactful work! Lindsey, Mel, Leasa, Kelly, Kinderlin, and Elsie…<3

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