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FRC is a 100 percent tobacco-free campus

To create a healthy campus environment for all who visit, Feather River College (FRC) announced that it is now a 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free campus.

The decision to transition to a smoke-free campus was made due to a grassroots effort lead by an FRC Tobacco-Free Workgroup composed of a wide variety of college stakeholders and supported by California Health Collaborative’s Smoke Free High Country project.

On May 20, the Board of Trustees  voted  unanimously to adopt the policy effective immediately. Smoke Free High Country will continue supporting FRC by providing quit resources, signage and education. The next steps for implementation include educating new and returning students, providing assistance to students and employees who are interested in quitting, and promoting Feather River College to potential students, faculty and staff as a healthier place to live, work and play! The FRC Wellness Center can offer tobacco quit counseling for staff, students, and faculty, and there are also many text, call, or app-based quit resources that anyone can use such as 1-800-NO-BUTTS.

Tobacco-free campus policies have been shown to improve physical and mental health among campus attendants, reduce toxic litter, and create a trigger-free environment that better supports students and staff who are trying to quit tobacco. Congratulations to Feather River College for promoting a safe environment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all!

For more information on how your worksite can breathe easier, contact the Smoke Free High Country project at http://bit.ly/smokefreehc or follow the group on Facebook or Instagram.

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