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FRC offers free movie tonight at Town Hall Theatre for Denim Day

Established in 1999, Denim Day is the longest-running sexual violence prevention and education campaign in history. Today, April 27, 2022 marks the 23rd celebration of Denim Day in the US.

The Denim Day campaign began as part of an international protest of an Italian Supreme Court decision to overturn a rape conviction because the victim was wearing jeans. The Italian Supreme Court dismissed charges against a 45-year old rape suspect because his 18-year-old victim was wearing jeans at the time of the attack. The Head Judge argued, “Because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them… and by removing the jeans… it was no longer rape but consensual sex.” The judgment sparked a worldwide outcry from those who understand coercion, threats and violence go along with the act of rape.

Each year Feather River College organizes Denim Day activities to honor this survivor and all survivors who have experienced victim blaming. Denim Day is a symbol of protest against misconceptions that surround sexual assault. The movement is one of inclusion – protest against all harassment, shaming, assault and misconceptions about victims.

Participating in Denim Day provides an opportunity for the Feather River College community to show solidarity with survivors of abuse and to encourage open discussion about how we can work in our personal and professional lives to reduce violence in our communities.

ALL are invited to attend a the free movie tonight at the Town Hall Theater. Learn more about Roll Red Roll. Stop by the Eagle’s Perch today at lunch to sign a pledge to support survivors and pick up a free Denim Day pin.

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