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FRC STEM Students take third place in National Competition: The AACC Innovation Challenge

A team of Feather River College students, including Evi de Bois, Emma Leff, Iliana Nye, and Ashley Vernon, and faculty mentor Nikki Grose, have won third place in this year’s Innovation Challenge. The team showcased Evi de Bois’ invention in a week long boot camp, where they worked on marketing, networking, pitching, and research related to the project.

De Bois’ invention is a new take on the MARK-3 fire pump used by wild land firefighters. The invention, the EVA-I, uses solar power and other technology to help it engage when fires approach, making it a great new tool for structure protection. With wildfires as an increasing problem in our region, this innovative student invention is sure to be a game changer for homeowners and firefighters in high-risk wildfire areas.

Feather River College continues to put itself on the map with these awards, both at the state and national level, and against some very well-known institutions. Congratulations to the team for placing third in a national competition out of 12 finalist teams!

Evi de Bois and the rest of the student team from Feather River College pitch their idea for a solar-powered water pump during the Community College Innovation Challenge. Photo submitted 



2 thoughts on “FRC STEM Students take third place in National Competition: The AACC Innovation Challenge

  • We need more young minds working towards a better future for their generation and beyond.

    Congratulations to all of you.

    We, too, have Fire safety on the top of our priority list.

  • Outstanding and fantastic! Congratulations to our FRC students!

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