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FRC student-athlete tests positive

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna released information Sunday, March 7, regarding a COVID positive student. “Over 140 student-athletes were tested for clearance to practice as part of the surveillance testing on Thursday,” Trutna said in a release on Sunday. “One asymptomatic student received a positive test result late Friday evening.”

Trutna said that the student does not have a roommate and are quarantining in their dorm room. Others who have regular close contact with the individual have been notified.

“I want to thank the Athletic Department for their vigilance in protecting our students and employees,” Trutna said. “This virus is among us, and through our collective protective measures and monitoring, we can help control the spread. Everyone has been doing such a great job protecting yourself and others on campus. Thank you.”

Twenty-five percent of the athletes are scheduled to be tested on a rotating basis during practice sessions and 100 percent must be tested within 48 hours of competitive play.

The first competitions are set for this week with men and women’s basketball scheduled for this Friday, March 12, in Weed and football is scheduled for this Saturday, March 13, at Shasta College in Redding.

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