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FRC testing protocol works — COVID positive students return home

Feather River College tests all students before they allowed on campus. Today President Kevin Trutna reported that two out-of-area students tested positive and have returned home. Trutna shared the following information to be transparent to the campus community as well as the community at large. Neither of these individuals is included in the Plumas County case count.

  • Student #1 – was from the Reno area and came to Graeagle Aug. 6, where the college was hosting an outdoor testing site for out-of-the-area students who planned to move into dorms.  The student returned to Reno after the test, began to experience symptoms, and subsequently received the positive COVID test notice. The student was not vaccinated.
  • Student #2 – came from Reno to the same outdoor Graeagle testing site on Aug. 6, then went back to Reno until their move-in date. The student attended the outdoor orientation yesterday on campus, and when notified of the positive test, returned to Reno. The student was asymptomatic. The student has been vaccinated and is seeking another test.

Because one student never entered campus, and the other student only attended one outdoor activity for an hour or so, Trutna said the risk of transmission is extremely low, but contacted Public Health for help in contact tracing.

Trutna reported that the college is working on a protocol for those who have been vaccinated and subsequently test positive for COVID.  The college is consulting with Plumas County Public Health on quarantine or self-isolation recommendations for vaccinated individuals who return a positive test. All students moving into the dorms are still required to test, regardless of vaccination status.

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