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FRC to require masks, regardless of vaccination status

Feather River College President Kevin Trutna announced today that FRC will require face masks regardless of vaccination status.

“Due to our concern for the health and safety of our campus community, I have made the decision to implement the current CDC guidance of requiring face coverings indoors at FRC regardless of vaccination status until further notice,” Trutna said.

This requirement goes into effect on Monday, Aug. 16.  “This is not a decision that I have made lightly as we have enjoyed a respite from face coverings for the past few months, yet I am compelled to minimize the risk of on-campus transmission and believe that this is the right decision based upon our current understanding of COVID and its evolving variants and stemming from our conversations with local medical professionals,” he added.


Why the change?  With the increased risk of spread due to the Delta variant, and the fact that Plumas County is currently in the “high transmission” category, Trutna is aligning with California Department of Public Health And CDC guidance.  For perspective, a recent survey of California community college CEOs this week showed the following requirements:

  • Indoor masking for all – 27 districts
  • Indoor masking for all, with daily screening required – 8 districts
  • Masking for unvaccinated only – 13 districts
  • Vaccination required for all – 22 districts
  • Unknown – 2 districts


The college is also asking those who are vaccinated to fill out a voluntary self-attestation by uploading vaccination information Employee Attestation of Vaccination (forms-db.com). This will be used when face coverings requirements are removed.



  1. Where do we have to wear face coverings?  Indoors unless at your individual office space and not interacting with others in the same space (i.e. if you are alone in your office, you are not required to have a face covering)
  2. Does this apply to students?  Yes, while indoors
  3. If I have received the vaccine, do I still have to use a face covering?  Yes, due to the current high transmission rate in our area
  4. How long will the face covering requirement last?  Unknown at this time (in accordance with CDC guidelines for areas with high transmission rates)
  5. Are there exceptions to wearing face coverings indoors?  Yes some legal exceptions are allowed.  Employees should contact HR on the iterative process for accommodations as allowed by law, and students should work with DSPS Office for accommodations
  6. Will FRC provide face coverings if I need one?  Yes, contact your supervisor as Facilities Department will disperse masks when requested

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