The new Feather River College food truck has arrived on campus. Purchased with COVID relief funds, its primary purpose is to serve students, but it can also benefit the public. Photo submitted

FRC’s new food truck to benefit students and the public

Food trucks have become increasing popular and now Feather River College has one that it hopes will benefit not only its students, but the public as well.

Purchased with COVID relief funds, the truck’s primary purpose is to serve students outside of the cafeteria during the pandemic or other emergencies. Using a food truck promotes social distancing during food delivery and serves students outside of the cafeteria during pandemic outbreaks.

“This food trailer will allow us to distribute food and supplies safely and directly to students, supporting their basic food security needs,” FRC president Dr. Kevin Trutna said.

A secondary benefit will be to allow the college’s Nutrition, Food & Culinary Arts students to develop, price, plan, and serve menus to students and the public as they learn the craft of operating a food business.  The food trailer would not compete against local restaurants for daily operations, as the goal is to feed FRC students first, and community members for special occasions and as an emergency service.


The trailer is yet to be named, but “Eagles Roost” seems to be favored among several on campus, branding its mobile name from the Eagles Perch campus cafeteria. The Eagles Perch cafeteria will continue to be the primary source of food service and teaching space. The mobile food trailer will supplement instruction at remote locations.  “Education and training of FRC students are a key objective to the success of the trailer as students graduate and transition into the local workforce with higher-level culinary skills,” Trutna said.

Another benefit will be to serve the local community during times of disaster, including prolonged power outages, snow events, or other emergencies.  “This trailer improves FRC disaster preparedness to support both students and the community,” said Trutna, “It would have been invaluable during the Dixie Fire this summer to mobilize food resources directly to serve community members on site.”

FRC is working to plan a community event for the inaugural opening of the trailer with details to be determined.

Culinary instructor Chef Sean Conry inspects the new Feather River College food service trailer. Photo submitted