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FRC’s on-campus testing reveals 3 positive results

Feather River College reported that it received three positive test results for student/staff members. FRC president Kevin Trutna released the information late on Feb. 14.

One positive case was a student who tested negative upon returning to campus two weeks ago. That individual returned home (outside of the county) upon receiving the results yesterday.  Trutna said he wasn’t sure if that would impact the Plumas County case count

The second is an adjunct faculty member who is a long-time Quincy resident and is quarantining at home.

The third is a full-time staff member who has had at least two negative tests since the New Yea’rs, and now had this positive one.

There has been one additional case since the semester resumed. That student tested negative through testing done at Plumas District Hospital upon returning to campus in January, then showed a positive result last week when using the college’s new testing VirusGeeks platform. The student returned home and took another test at home which confirmed the positive from FRC last week.

“This shows our new testing VG platform is reliable in our minds since it is so new,”  Trutna said. “We are testing 25 percent of our athletes every week until they start playing – then it increases to 100 percent when games start.”

The three positive cases announced yesterday were from this new testing VirusGeeks service.

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