Free personal woodcutting program extended on the Plumas, but must have copy of regs

The free personal woodcutting permit program has been extended until further notice. Permits and tags are not required, however, customers must have a copy of woodcutting regulations and a firewood cutting map in their possession and follow those regulations when cutting. Personal use firewood may not be sold; up to 12 cords may be cut per calendar year.

As a reminder, commercial fuelwood is not part of the free personal-use fuelwood program, and commercial permits must be purchased. Commercial-use fuel/firewood permits and tags are required when the fuel/firewood collector (cutter) intends to sell, trade, or exchange fuel/firewood.

No green trees may be cut for commercial or personal use.

It is the responsibility of the woodcutter to obtain the Woodcutting Status each day prior to cutting by calling 1-800-847-7766. Chainsaw use may be restricted or prohibited depending on daily fire restrictions.


To obtain a copy of personal-use firewood regulations and woodcutting map:

1. Fastest option: Download (click and save to your computer) personal firewood regulations at: Maps may be downloaded at: Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Front – 1.35mb – pdf) and Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Back – 1.53mb – pdf). If you do not have a home printer, Wi-Fi, and/or internet service, use a friend’s or visit your local library for help.

2. Visit a PNF Ranger District Office and pick up copies outside the front entrance.

3. Slowest option: Receive a copy via mail. Call your local District office and request a copy.

One cord is the amount of tightly piled wood in a stack four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long (128cuft). You may obtain a maximum of 12 cords of firewood for personal-use per calendar year.

Firewood cutting is only valid on Plumas National Forest lands open to fuelwood gathering [Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Front – 1.35mb – pdf) and Plumas NF Woodcutting Map (Back – 1.53mb – pdf)].


For more information regarding the Plumas NF firewood cutting program, please contact your local Plumas NF Ranger District Office.