Friends of the Library to hold silent auction

Need a little distraction from the day’s frustrations and summer doldrums? Well, here it is.

The Quincy Friends of the Plumas County Library are holding a silent auction at Plumas Bank in downtown Quincy. The auction is taking place Monday, July 19 through Friday July 30, during the bank’s regular hours.

The silent auction features books that are of special interest or are more valuable than our average book sale offerings. Here are just a few of them:

Want some great insights into local history? Then check out “The Shirley Letters” and learn about the person Dame Shirley Plaza is named after. Or dive into “Sierra Pacific: A Family History” and get an insider’s view of the company that bears that name.


But maybe you want to leave Plumas County far behind. Then a first edition of “The Sea of Cortez” might be just what you need. Or take an adventurous cruise to “The Coral Island.” Or marvel over “The Shell: 500 million years of inspired design.” This is a first edition with a work of art on every page.

You’ll have the opportunity to browse through these books at your leisure.  And you can bid on as many of them as you like, as often as you like. Detailed instructions are available alongside the bid items.

According to Friends’ board member Stephanie Leaf, The Friends are also hoping to have a full book sale during the first week of August. “But because of several factors beyond our control, those plans may be subject to change. As soon as we’re able, we’ll let everyone know exact days and times,” Leaf said. She added that people can also check the Friends’ Facebook page

In the meantime, come spend a few pleasant minutes at the Friends of the Library Silent Auction at Plumas Bank. By placing a bid, you’ll be supporting your library, and you may just end up with a beautiful new book to while away these hot and stressful summer afternoons.


The Friends extend their thanks to Plumas Bank for providing this opportunity.