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From where I stand: A few bad apples will spoil the whole bunch


Recently, at the February 2023 LAFCo public meeting, comments were submitted by angry and disgruntled rate payers from the GLCSD  (Delleker) community. These comments were released to the public without proper facts and truths to back them up. This was inappropriate and in bad form.

Not only was I angry but also realized that all of these comments were submitted by uneducated ignorant people with nothing better to do in their lives than to try and destroy the very community in which they reside. If a few are uneducated and ignorant they want others to appear this way as well. These few know of whom I speak.

The district is here not only to educate the community but to also answer questions that are based on Facts and Truth.

All rate payers are encouraged to get involved with their community. They are also encouraged to come and visit the facilities and learn what the operators do on a daily basis to keep the community safe.

As the district is operated and overseen by the State Regulators it continuously reports to the State Water Board, Health Department and the EPA in order to deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of its customers.

Pat Guillory

33 thoughts on “From where I stand: A few bad apples will spoil the whole bunch

  • Those same uneducated ignorant people pay your salary and might not know some of what you know but certainly have knowledge that you do not have in their given profession.

  • Mr Collin,

    I am aware that the rate payers pay my salary and I am very appreciative however, there comes a point when these rate payers that continue to attack, harass and threaten me, my family and the company need to be accountable for their actions. Therefore, I will continue to defend myself, my family and the company from these predators.

    • I did not make this comment nor did I add any attachments. Besides, what does the sewer ponds have to do with the drinking water? This is another person who is uneducated. Are you drinking the water from the sewer? Next time you comment do not use my name or email. Have the guts to use your own.

    • Another rogue person using my name and email address to make others think I am commenting. Please have the guts and integrity to respond yourself.

  • The verbal attacks are not helping your cause.

    • Wow that’s a lot of violations, and you still let your rate payers drink that water?

      Why are there so many violations at your sewer ponds?

    • Well Mr Collin I would not expect any less from these people. As I stated…..uneducated.

      • Maybe you need education on how to handle it.

        • I already do…..but if people don’t want to listen and learn that is their choice. It just too bad they do not want to be educated to know the difference from drinking water and sewer water. I hope that you know the difference and just consume drinking water instead of the sewer water.

          You know…..we all could keep going back and forth on this subject but the easy truth is you drink water and not sewer water. How simple is that fact?

  • What does the sewer ponds have to do with our drinking water lol

    • The sewer plant is mismanaged in the same way your drinking water is mismanaged.

      Your entire operation is mismanaged.

      • Cheryl S…….. if this is even your true name. When you get the education you need to distinguish between water and sewer come on in to the office and fill out an application. Then (as you put it) the district will no longer be mismanaged.

        • It’s funny that you’re leaving out the fact that your drinking water is contaminated with uranium, and you’re still charging your rate payers every month for unhealthy water.

    • Sorry, Eric I didn’t get a chance to reply to your comment the adults were talking.

  • No. It is not funny. Now just try to understand this…….There are 2 wells we operate. Well 1 is the only well that is being operated that meets the state standard for drinking water. Well 2 is only in operation 1-2 months during the peak season (summer) where people are overwatering and are misusing the water. At that time Well 1 and Well 2 are both used which mixes together. You might not know that Uranium is naturally in the soil. I have been drinking this water for 38 years and we have the best water around.

    • So is that why the state issues you violations year around even when you’re not running that well?

      There’s a link to the state website in the comments above, so, if it’s true what you’re saying then you shouldn’t be violating in the winter season, correct? But you still violate.

      Just because you have been drinking it for 35 years doesn’t change the fact you are failing to provide healthy drinking water that meets state requirements, and have been doing so for nearly 2 decades.

      The facts are in direct contradiction with your initial statement,

      “As the district is operated and overseen by the State Regulators it continuously reports to the State Water Board, Health Department and the EPA in order to deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of its customers.”

      This claim has been proven untrue by the states own records.

  • Yes, they do. Samples always need to be taken from both wells on a quarterly basis. That is a State Water Board Mandate. Well 2 has always had that issue.
    At one point, GLCSD drilled a test well however that also showed levels of uranium.

    “As the district is operated and overseen by the State Regulators it continuously reports to the State Water Board, Health Department and the EPA in order to deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of its customers.” That is why we deliver water to the customers via Well 1.

    If the State Water Board was so inclined they could shut down well 2 completely due to the uranium and just have Well 1 in operation however they have not done that. You might want to ask them why?

    GLCSD is also working with the State Water Board to install an intertie with the City of Portola. Once that happens then we will have to pay Portola to purchase treated water from their system even though we have 50 acre feet of Lake Davis water.

    I guess it would be more feasible for people to drink Portola water even though there might be lingering poisons left over. Hmmm……..I hope that comes to fruition. That would be great. Then the rate payers can do all of the complaining to Portola.

  • So it sounds like there are no easy solutions.

    So instead of saying “you provide clean, healthy, drinking water”

    you might say

    “we do our best to provide clean, drinking water, but fail to do so on a regular basis; and don’t have any meaningful solution that can be implemented anytime soon; by all means, keep paying your rates for water that consistently fails the standards established by the state of California.”

    This way, it doesn’t appear that you are misleading your rate payers, and they have an honest description of the water that they drink.

  • Thank you for your input. I think it would be a great idea to put before the BOD. Would you like to come to our next board meeting to explain your solution? Please let me know.

    • As the GM for the water company it is your responsibility to develop and implement solutions for your ongoing water quality issues. I am not interested in doing your job for you; it sounds like they they need more qualified leadership and staff to solve this, as the ones the district has now have been incapable of doing so.
      With the only thing being accomplished up to this point is just collecting rates, giving yourselves raises, and maintaining the status quo as it were, even if that means you are failing in every aspect of running a water company.
      I decline your invitation to your board meeting, and am not interested in educating you further.

      best wishes.

  • LOL…..for some reason I knew you would decline. That is a shame.

    Best wishes to you too!

    • The level of incompetency that is prevalent at that district is not going to be solved by any one person, but rather a complete replacement of the board and staff would be a good place to begin.

      So unless you are ready to take and implement suggestions like that, there is nothing that will fix the issues the district is facing.

  • That is where the customer comes in to play. It is your district too. So get involved and come to the meetings. Voice your suggestions and opinions and not just on the Plumas News but to the Board of Directors.
    The only reason I can think of that you have declined coming to the meetings is because you are in that same small minded category of persons causing all of the problems.
    LOL. Once again……I’m sure you wont be able to resist replying to this comment in order to feel good about yourself.

    • What does discussing the failing policies that are allowed to continue at that district under your/ the Boards’ direction have to do with how I feel about myself?

      You are the one who should be feeling bad for how completely you and the Board of directors have failed that district, it’s personnel and its residents.


  • I just knew you couldn’t resist.

    I have nothing to feel ashamed about and I never will. The district is finally moving in the right direction and I think the majority of the customers know this.

    Now, do you have the guts to come and tell me that in person? I’ll be waiting.

    • And no, I’m not gonna tell you that personally; and you’re right, my name really is not Cheryl, and for all intents and purposes I will continue to use that pseudonym for now.

      But make no mistake, using a pseudonym is not an act of cowardice. It keeps the focus of the discussion on your failure as a water system manager, because if you were to really know who this was, you would do nothing but attack me personally because obviously, you have nothing of any substance to say, regarding your position at the district, or how you plan to keep that district from failing any worse than it has .

      In this back-and-forth that we shared today you have not said anything positive or shown anything positive as to what you and the Board of Directors are doing to help that district, all you’ve done is attack, cover yourself, and deflect any and all questions or opinions that were brought to you today.

      In this discussion, I feel that you have shown your true colors in just how incompetent, misdirected, and scared you actually are.

  • Yes… all the violations your water system and wastewater system have accrued, and continue to accrue; the budget shortfalls, the noncompliance, the low moral, the abject failure in every aspect of the state requirements shows that you are definitely heading in a direction, it just isn’t the direction you’re trying to convince everyone you’re headed in.

  • So if ypu cant be honest about your name what else are you nor being honest aboit of you have all these great ideas why not present them l9l everyone has the solution but not one person is willing to show and present theses solutions so if say if your not gonna be honest or participate then shut up up and let us do our damn job

    • You’re doing great so far… keep it up…

  • Wait!what??
    In 2021, three GLCSD board positions were open. The current board members were the only people to go to the elections office. Where were you?
    GLCSD meeting continued on with no public attendance. Where were you??
    Rate payers were asked to apply for the empty seats. Where were you?
    Rates go up. Suddenly folks have issues with water quality and harass employees.
    Oh, there you are!

  • https://plumascounty.us/2442/Agendas-and-Minutes
    Read the letter sent to Lafco regarding this district. It’s in the agenda packet for the Feb 13th meeting. You call the cops on your rate payers for asking questions! And I can’t believe the Board has allowed you to denigrate rate payers by calling them ignorant and uneducated. I would go to Lafco instead of you too. And talking about uneducated look at all those typos. And from what I can tell your system has several leaks that have been on going for months that have still not been addressed. So what work are you doing and from the time stamps on your posts aren’t you on company time perusing the internet instead of working. I cannot believe a board would operate this way. Thankfully I live in the city! I wouldn’t give you my name either if I lived in your district.

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